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A patient presents with shoulder pain and reduced range of motion following an epileptic seizure. What typical injury should you be aware of when examining the patient’s radiographs to avoid missing it?

When we examine a child, around what age can we expect a normal foot arch?

Is there something you could do if a patient comes into your office with a knocked-out tooth?

What type of injury is typical for professional rowers?

Is it ok if a patient takes oral bisphosphonates and calcium?

How is Methotrexate usually taken?

When examining the hip which of the following is true if you suspect excessive femoral anteversion?

If you diagnose a patient with Perthes disease, what should you examine next?

What is the first line of treatment for patients with symptomatic basilar thumb arthritis?

What is the first line of treatment for adhesive capsulitis – the so-called frozen shoulder?

At which age is it still normal for an infant to have genu varum?

Which song do we use to describe the optimal rhythm while performing CPR?

What is the main treatment for anaphylaxis?

What is the correct dose and way of administration for Denosumab (Prolia) for the treatment of osteoporosis?

When evaluating the DEXA scan results of a patient at which point can we diagnose them with osteoporosis?

Which test is most likely to help you distinguish cervical pathology from other causes of shoulder and arm pain?

What is the most practical way to diagnose a Lisfranc injury in the ER?

What is the normal hallux valgus angle?

What is the normal intermetatarsal angle?

A patient had an ankle sprain and possible ligamentous injury 6 weeks ago treated with an ankle brace. There are no pathological findings on examination, however, the patient complains of pain and instability. What is the next line of treatment?

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