Community Guidelines

Like any online community, Knowlaxy relies on a set of rules that all our users stick to, so that we can provide quality educational content. Please have a look at our guidelines and refer to them before uploading a video. If your video contains one of the points listed below, we will not approve or post it to Knowlaxy. In addition, this might get you banned from the site. If you think a video does not comply with the community guidelines, you can flag it for review. Please refrain from including these types of content in your videos:
  • Nude / sexual: Knowlaxy is not meant for nudity or sexually explicit content so please do not upload any videos containing such content.
  • Harmful / dangerous / violent: Knowlaxy is a place to learn and violent or dangerous content defeats the purpose of our site. If the main goal of your video is to shock by showing violent content, we will not approve it. We also do not endorse videos that urge others to harm themselves or others or place you or others in dangerous situations. When doing any kind of stunt, please keep that in mind.
  • Discriminating: we do not condone discrimination or hateful content. If the purpose of your video is to promote hate against others based on their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, age, religion etc., we will not upload your video.
  • Harassing / threatening: please be respectful of others and do not post content that targets a specific person in a malicious way or is meant to bully them. Trying to intimidate other users in any way by threatening, harassing, stalking, revealing personal information etc. is not tolerated.
  • Violating others’ privacy: do not post video or audio recordings of other people without their consent or make their personal information public.
  • Misleading / spam: be honest about your content and do not willingly mislead others with false claims in your video, title or description. Do not try to cheat people or to distribute spam.
  • Impersonating others: do not pretend to be someone else and create an account in order to make others believe you are someone you’re not.
  • Violating others’ copyright: we encourage you to respect other people’s intellectual property – please do not use content that does not belong to you such as video, graphics or music unless you have obtained the rights to use that content by the copyright holder.
  • Endangering children: please do not upload any content that endangers the emotional or physical well-being of minors (people under the legal age of maturity, usually 18 years of age)