Petya Stefanova


Assistant at the Faculty of Medicine at Sofia University and resident physician in Neurology at Sofiamed University Hospital.


What does it indicate when, during the Latent Paresis test (Mingazzini Strumpel test), the patient’s left arm and leg exhibit weakness and descend (like shown on the picture)?

Why is the Mingazzini Strumpel test, also known as the Latent Paresis test, used in neurological examination?

What is the meaning of the term quadriplegic?

What is the meaning of the term monoparesis?

What is the primary difference between paralysis and plegia?

Which cranial nerves structures receive unilateral innervation from the motor cortex via the corticobulbar tract?

Where does the pyramidal decussation of the corticospinal tract primarily occur?

Why are benzodiazepines not a medication of first choice for sleep disorders? (Multiple choice)

What are common indications for the use of melatonin?

What is the role of melatonin in sleep disorders?

What is considered a first-line treatment for insomnia?

Sleep hygiene is important in treating and preventing insomnia.

Which of the following represents a type of insomnia?

Which neurons are responsible for the awake state?

How does REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep typically change with aging?

During which sleep stage do dreams occur?

What is the muscle tone during sleep?

What does the abbreviation REM-sleep stand for?

What is the primary diagnostic method for sleep disorders?

Q5: Which of the following tissues have no pain receptors?

Neurological Examination Checklist

Q 2.1. Peripheral Nervous System Disorders. Classification. Neuralgia, mononeuritis, plexitis. Treatment.

X-ray of the Lumbar Region

X-ray of the Cervical Spine

Ischemic Stroke

How to Put on Sterile Gloves and Stay Sterile

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